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Our worldwide selection of stunning villas belonging to a resort/hotel are of the highest caliber. In a private villa in a resort/hotel you have all the first class services and facilities of the resort as well as the advantages of a private villa. The villas are either fully equipped with everything from chefs to butlers to drivers - or you can choose which services you want - the choice is yours. Enjoy the ultimate holiday experience together with family and friends.

Ultra Collection works with the term «MGR», what forMulti-Generational Journeystands. We know that work and career in particular separate many families geographically; with our MGR offer we bring them back together. At least during a few family vacation days.


There are many reasons to book an entire villa, not least financial ones. Because for several people, a luxury villa may not be more expensive than several individual rooms in a hotel. We arrange for that “certain something” at the same time: your personal butler, cook and room service, who take care of you and at the same time control and take over the entire logistics.

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