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Mere tickets for a musical in London, a football match in Hamburg or an opera in Sydney are available through dozens of ticket booking portals.

It only becomes challenging when your wishes are more extensive than just obtaining a seat. This is where the consulting and implementation capacities of ULTRA COLLECTION come into play: «Meet & Greet» services on site with personal handover of the tickets are already pretty good.

A local guide can tell you about the history and people of the theatre in addition to that. And it gets even better once you enter via the artists' entrance, meet the artists in person or be shown around backstage.


Music and entertainment are two exciting sectors, but you can also explore the world of fashion or visit vernissages in museums and galleries. And there is always sports, be it Formula 1, tennis or soccer.


Personal assistance included.

Our team of Luxury & Adventure Travel experts will be happy to advise you!
Call us +41  44 260 22 88 or                                             

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