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The house on the cliff, directly on the golf course, in the city center or somewhere in the hinterland. We know the right private villa for you. Villas that are so small that you can retreat to them or so big that you can invite entire families and groups of friends over.

ULTRA COLLECTIONworks with the term «MGR», what forMulti-Generational Journeystands. We know that work and career in particular separate many families geographically; with our MGR offer we bring them back together. At least during a few family vacation days.

There are many reasons to book an entire villa, not least financial ones. Because for several people, a luxury villa may not be more expensive than several individual rooms in a hotel. We arrange for that “certain something” at the same time: your personal butler, cook and room service, who take care of you and at the same time control and take over the entire logistics.

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