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As wide as the spectrum of hobbies and professional or private interests may be, the right programs that we can arrange for them worldwide are fantastic. You give us your keywords and we convert them into very personal experiences.


For example, if you are looking for spirituality, we will accompany you to the Himalayas. If you want background knowledge in urban architecture, then we will present you with Marrakech, Dubai or Shanghai. And even if it's "only" James Bond, the secret agent invented by Ian Fleming, and you want to travel to the places where he was filmed, then we'll book Acapulco, Venice or Udaipur for you.

And we are also happy to serve all classic interests; on topics such as art, culture or history. And we also serve your sporting hobbies; be it golf or bike tours. And always nice to be at the forefrontalso the subject of food; at the market, with friends, with star chefs or at a picnic in the great outdoors.

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