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Your passport for some of the most beautiful and hidden places in the world... Tailored to your preferences and wishes regarding your lifestyle and needs. Pure freedom, everything planned out for you. Flexibility that is incorporated every day. Tailor-made service that is second to none. Experience Private Yachting, one of the best individual forms of vacation in the world.
... leave it to us to make your dream come true!


The Balearic Islands, for example, offer the elegant "Carom" with Italian design and modern interior. The four double cabins and one luxury suite, each with its own bathroom, can accommodate up to ten guests. A 5-man crew will accompany you and take care of you and your travel group can explore the western Mediterranean at a speed of up to 23 knots.


Just like a vacation in a villa, yacht vacations are ideal for "Multi-Generational Travel" or for spending nice days with a group of friends.


The real luxury is not the exclusiveness of the yachts, but the fact that you determine the time factor, because you decide on the route and the number of days and let us and your crew know.


Ultra Collection finds the right yacht for your dream vacation.


You can download more information
about chartering a private yacht here





Personal advice

Let us advise you personally: in our Travel Lounge, by telephone, via video chat or at the place and time of your choice. Make an appointment for a consultation:
Phone 044 260 22 88


callback service

We will call you back at your desired date. Simply fill out our contact form and let us know what you would like and the desired second point of the callback. 


Request via eMail

You can also easily reach us by email. Describe  Tell us your request as precisely as possible. We will contact you immediately.


online request

Fill out our inquiry form and we will be happy to make you suitable suggestions.

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