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Privat Jet Expedition Collection

How to save time with the Private Jet
The logistics experts of TCS World Travel compared the trip "Around the World" Private Jet-Expedition to regular scheduled flights to determine how many flights you’d have to take to spend the same amount of nights at each iconic destination of this  24 day trip in a private jet.

24 days vs. 34 days
The TCS World Travel's Around the World Expedition is a 24 day trip. You would need 10 additional days to complete this trip with regular flights, including four mandatory overnight stays between flights.


15 flights vs. 26 flights
Our private jet heads to most destinations of this expedition straight away. Be prepared for 11 additional flights with commercial airlines, including six overnight flights and no direct connections.


73 hours vs. 112 hours of travel time
Direct flights shorten the travel time and make for a more pleasant flying experience. If you were to fly on a scheduled airplane, your total travel time would be extended by about two days.


9 hours vs. 84 hours at airports
Travelling by private jet shortens the waiting time at the airport. Between flights, you will spend an additional 74 hours - or more than three days - waiting at the airport if you are travelling with a scheduled flight.

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