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How can we stand out from other "travel agencies" and the myriad hotel booking portals?
By listening to you and then offering you the accommodation that actually meets both your needs and desires. This has to do directly with our international network. And with the knowledge of where which trouvailles are located.


Chain hotels are everywhere. But really unique resorts remain unique.

For example, do you know “The Brando” on the main island of Onetahi in Polynesia? Or the Hotel Brummell in Barcelona, ​​an urban oasis in the middle of the city center, whose staff are local residents who give personal insider tips or eat with you? Or in Tokyo, in the Akihabara district, the artist-designed Hotel BnA Studio (which stands for "Bed and Art"), where every room conveys modern and traditional Japanese art.


The selection of fascinating hotels and resorts is almost endless. And ULTRA COLLECTION knows them and can recommend them to others.

Personal advice

Let us advise you personally: in our Travel Lounge, by telephone, via video chat or at the place and time of your choice. Make an appointment for a consultation:
Phone 044 260 22 88


callback service

We will call you back at your desired date. Simply fill out our contact form and let us know what you would like and the desired second point of the callback. 


Request via eMail

You can also easily reach us by email. Describe  Tell us your request as precisely as possible. We will contact you immediately.


online request

Fill out our inquiry form and we will be happy to make you suitable suggestions.

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