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«Only for you»©



As individual as your desires for travel, vacation, adventure or extraordinary experiences may be, we accompany you just as individually and committedly during preparation and in its realization.

Thanks to our connections and insider knowledge, we are able to offer the kind of trips and experiences that go far beyond the usual travel agency services.

«Only for you» means that our work as travel and lifestyle consultants is exclusively tailored to your needs. At ULTRA COLLECTION, consulting means listening and getting to know what your wishes and requirements are and how they can be perfectly met.

Luxury can mean first-class flights and beautiful five-star hotels, but your own personal luxury can be completely different: a guided hike through Bali's rice terraces, a private tour of the Museum of Modern Art in Midtown, New York, or an overnight stay in a tent under the starry Arizona sky.

And above all, luxury also means taking time off and therefore your "off-time" must be planned efficiently.

We will gladly give you the time you need for this.


Just that: «Only for you».


Dawa Sigrist



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​Exclusive private villas offer all amenitiesand above all absolute privacy.
All services and services are exactly according totailored to your needs and desires.



In a private villa in a resort/hotel you have all the first class services and facilities of the resort plus the benefits of a private villa. Enjoy the ultimate holiday experience together with family and friends.

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ULTRA COLLECTION organizes the access to your desired event. "Meet & Greet" services on site with personal handover of the tickets are already good. And it gets even better when you can gain access via the artists' entrance, meet the artists in person or be shown around backstage in the back stage area.

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A list of things to do before you die.


Especially when it comes to travel, it can be helpful and nice to have a personal travel bucket list.

​Would you like to start your dream journey?

Tell us about your dreams and wishes. Our experienced team of experts
is happy to handcraft your very personal dream journey.

«Only for you»

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Our team of Luxury & Adventure Travel experts will be happy to advise you

Personal advice

Let us advise you personally: in our Travel Lounge, by telephone,via video chator at the time and place of your choice. Make an appointment for a consultation:
Phone 044 260 22 88


callback service

We will call you back at your desired date. Simply fill out our contact form and let us know what you would like and the desired second point of the callback. 


Request via eMail

You can also easily reach us by email. Describe  Tell us your request as precisely as possible. We will contact you immediately.


online request

Fill out our inquiry form and we will be happy to make you suitable suggestions.

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